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the "Complete Our Outstanding WIPs" Project

Complete Our Outstanding WIPs Project
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Many, many of us have WIPs out there. Some big, some small. Some have been languishing for a few days, some for much, much longer. We always say we’re going to get around to finishing them…

But they linger.

Now is the time! With the help of CooWipp, you too can finish your whimpering, neglected WIPs.

In the month of August, we will complete them. That’s right, in 31 days, you can finishes up any and all WIPs. How? By writing like your head is on fire. Some people work best with deadlines (I’m one of them) and end up slacking for long periods of time between updates with no definite goal in mind.

And many stories are not being read because of the (completely understandable) aversion many readers have to being sucked into an unfinished story.

Your story deserves to be finished. You deserve to be finished with it!

To sign up:
Join the Community and make a post with the following information:

Title of WIP/WIPs:
How long you've been writing it:
Approx. percent currenly done:
Approx. Wordcount:

The Rules:

1) You don’t have to sign up, but it’s good to have a support group.
2) You must pledge to finish your current WIP in the month of August. Many of you are very smart, and have figured out that it is currently July. Yes, that’s almost a month of slacking time before you have to start.
3) You can pledge to finish all your WIPs, or just your most needy one or ones.
4) To FINISH: ready to go to beta. Our Beta’s are our favorite people, and we don’t want to rush them. THEY have as much time as they want.

Welcome to COOWIPP. Now get writing!